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Our family run kangal fish farm is in the midst of the Sauerland mountains. We have specialized in the rearing of real doctor fishes (Garra rufa) after over 20 years ornamental fish farming here.We cultivate robust kangal fishes as fit as a fiddle in pure group aquariums which are privately or commercially very well suitable both for use in the Ichthyotherapie (fish therapy) and in wellness resorts and spas.

We use ordinary tap water without additional water conditioners or drugs. That way the fishes will get used to all water qualities fast and don’t make any further demands.Our breeding fishes find one another for mating in a natural way and only spawn when they are ready for it. This guarantees healthy young doctor fishes.

Some breeders obtaining a hatching rate of more than 95 by adding drugs to the breeding water do not work according to nature. This brings up weak doctor fishes that die early or are susceptible for fish-diseases. Fishes from mass breeding, e.g. fromGermanyorIndonesia, are decidedly weaker and often bring in diseases. ”Breeding inIndonesia!

The breeding fishes as well as the entire breeding facility are approved by the veterinary office in charge (Kreis Olpe) according to §11 of the law for the protection of animals. Since increasingly fake doctor fishes are being offered for sale, with each delivery you receive a free certificate of authenticity from us.


For further information please call

phone: 0049 2723/718858 (you can leave a message on the answering machine if no on is there to pick up the phone, we will call you back)

mobile phone: 0049 177/7367731

or contact us via email: