Granulat Garrafit

1 Literpack Garrafit

The Food – Garrafit

 To keep your kangal fishes active and healthy it is absolutely necessary to feed them appropriate to their species.

Overfed kangal fishes get fat, sick, don’t nibble and even die. In nature the fishes live with permanent hunger and are always searching for food. That’s why you don’t do them a favour by giving them too much food. Since the fishes always want to eat we recommend to feed them once a day in the evening, after nibbling, and not to feed them at all once a week.

In case of an order we’d be happy to pack for you a daily ration for your number of fishes, so that you get a feel for the right amount.

We have mixed a granular food, our Garrafit, which doesn’t make any compromises regarding with what the doctor fishes are fed. This special granular is a product made of natural raw materials and free from any chemical additives.

Since kangal fishes like vegetarian food, we mix algae components to the granular food. Slowly sinking down, it enables the fishes to eat it at different levels in the water, preferably when the food hits the water surface.

And what is more, this special granule can be fed very economically, hence minimising water impact. 2 to 3ml Garrafit per day are absolutely enough for 50 young fishes or 3 to 4ml per day for grown up fishes.

You can either combine your food order with your order of fishes, or you order your desired quantity separately. We pack Garrafit in 1 litre containers and bigger. 1 litre equals 600g.