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Prices for our Garra rufa

Real Garra rufa, about 3cm long and ready to use

25 fishes:or less: 2,50€/each
25-50: 2,20€/each
50-100: 2,00€/each
100-200: 1,80€/each
200-300: 1,75€/each
300-500: 1,70€/each
500-1000: 1,65/each
more than 1.000: please request price

We always count the fishes in the interest of our customer and pack some more in.

For shipment to addresses outside Germany please ask for the total shipping and handling costs. We will look for the cheapest way and agree it with you.

Attention: we ship only from an order quantity of 30 fishes!

When you have placed your order you will receive a payment notification and our bank details.
We ship out the fishes as soon as the payment is booked to our bank account (see shipment).
Our prices for Garrafit

1 litre Garrafit (600g) 10,00€ plus shipment costs
2 litre Garrafit (1.200g) 18,00€ plus shipment costs
5 litre Garrafit (3.000g) 45,00€ plus shipment costs
(for 50 kangal fishes 1 litre Garrafit is sufficient for about 10 month. When ordering feed and fishes there are no additional shipment costs for the feed!

All prices are end prices
As a small business owner within the meaning of § 19 Abs. 1 UStG value added tax is not charged on the total amount.